WOW !!  How was that Two YEARS??

As I rise and get ready to head to the shop today, my heart is full of so many emotions. Joy that heading to the shop doesn't mean work for me but rather heading to a fun place that pays the bills. I feel relief that we are celebrating our 2nd Anniversary during these wild and crazy times when so many other small businesses have not weathered the COVID storm. Sadness that I don't get to celebrate this milestone with cake and a great big party.  And most of all I feel thankful, for all the people who have supported me during the hard times, laughed with me during the good times,  held my heart up during the bad times and continue to celebrate my successes with me.

What has the last two years looked like for us at the Quiltery...

We have added more. More fabric, more staff, more notions, more adventures and most of all we have added more friends to our ever growing list of customers!

In the last two years we have seen the arrival of not one but TWO new computer systems, the birth of Top 7@7, the rise and fall and RISE of our new website, the long awaited arrival of Violet the Vision and Stan the Stadler, our Gammill longarms, during the heat of the pandemic lockdown and the growth of our small little quilt shop.

Thank you to all our customers, to our amazing staff, to my family who tirelessly put up with my two years of craziness. I can't wait to show you what we have planned for our cute little shop as we continue to HELP YOU MAKE MEMORIES ONE STITCH AT A TIME!




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Micheline Ruest-Mallet

Micheline Ruest-Mallet

Félicitations Vickie. I just love your “cute little shop”. So much fabric to fondle! Lol

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