In the quilt of life, friends are the stitches that hold it together


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Vickie Quigley - Owner

This cute little quilt shop's home is in Riverview , NB, located on the south side of the Petitcodiac River, across from the larger cities of Moncton and Dieppe. In a town where their slogan is “A Great Place to Grow”, this quilt shop saw its beginnings and is now a staple in the community, 20 plus years later.

In October 2019, the shop owners retired and sold the business to Vickie Quigley, a retired Registered Medical Radiology Technologist, a quilter, a longarmer and an avid customer.

Though it has seen many changes in the last year and a half, the values of the shop have remained the same: Fostering the love of sewing and quilting. Building a community of friends and quilters and helping you make memories one stitch at a time!


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Finished is better than perfect !

Finished is better than perfect !

Vickie Quigley
Learning why finishing your quilt is better than aiming for perfection and never finishing it at all !
motivation blog image question mark

Where has all the motivation gone ??

creative gridVickie Quigley
When you can't seem to find your motivation to sew, do what i do, go down to the sewing room and sew two things together! The rest will work itself out.
How I Love my EQ8, Let me Count the Ways!

How I Love my EQ8, Let me Count the Ways!

Vickie Quigley
I have always had a love for creating, but my real love developed after I purchased the Quiltery.  It’s during our daily routine of helping custom...
The Covered Bridge Quiltery

630 Pinewood Road

Riverview, NB E1B 5M7

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 9am - 5pm

Thursday: 9am - 7pm

Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday / Sunday: 9am - 4pm

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