Meet Stan & Violet

Stan is a Gammill Statler with Advanced Computerization, a 30 inch throat space and a 12 foot table.

He has limitless possibilities to create beautiful works of art for our quilting clients. He has all the tools we need from the experts who created computerized quilting more than 25 years ago. We can select from more than 1,000 included patterns, use the intuitive software to quilt edge-to-edge, or create a completely customized design.

Then, watch as Stan the Statler places the stitches perfectly. Drop off your quilt to us and let Stan do all the work.

Violet is a Gammill Vision 2.0 Hand-Guided Quilting System with a 26 inch throat space and a 10 foot table. She includes four standard stitching modes, electronically controlled horizontal and vertical channel locks, Front or rear laser, rear handles for pantograph work, and a thread break sensor.

She can be used for free motion quilting, ruler quilting or pantograph work. Violet can be booked for a full day or half day, some evenings and a few Saturdays. Come spend the day with Jenn or I and quilt your own quilts, runners or placemats!