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Paper Tape - KDTL100
Kimberbell Paper Tape - KDTL100
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Embroidery Felt Black Licorice - KDKB1258
Kimberbell Basics - Complete Set 92 charms
Candy Scroll - MAS10209-N
Maywood Candy Scroll - MAS10209-N
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Snowflakes - MAS10205-K
Maywood Snowflakes - MAS10205-K
Sale price$18.96
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Embroidery Felt Cherry Red - KDKB1232
Pretty & Posh Embellishment Kit - KDKB1266
Embroidery Felt Buttermilk - KDKB1235
Sticky-Back Tear-Away 12in x 10yds - KDST106
Rulers - Orange Pop Rulers Square Set - KDTL101
Snowflakes - MAS10205-Q
Maywood Snowflakes - MAS10205-Q
Sale price$18.96
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Red/White Tiny Dots - MAS8210-R2
Maywood Red/White Tiny Dots - MAS8210-R2
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Oh Sew Delightful Fabric Kit - KIT-MASOHSDOh Sew Delightful Fabric Kit - KIT-MASOHSD
Kimberbell Oh Sew Delightful Fabric Kit - KIT-MASOHSD
Sale price$119.69 Regular price$170.99
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Clear Blue Tiles Expansion Pack - KDTL106
Embroidery Felt Pistachio - KDKB1233
PRE-ORDER Spring Showers Embellishment Kit - KDKB1261
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Oh Sew Delightful Embellishment Kit - KDKB1267
Kimberbell Oh Sew Delightful Embellishment Kit - KDKB1267
Sale price$51.09 Regular price$72.99
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Embroidery Leather White - KDKB1245
Candy Scroll - MAS10209-Q
Maywood Candy Scroll - MAS10209-Q
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Candy Scroll - MAS10209-G
Maywood Candy Scroll - MAS10209-G
Sale price$18.96
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KB White on White Connected Stars - MAS8254-WW
Fairy Lights Set of 2 - KDKB1241
Mylar Neutral Tones Set - KDKB127
Embroidery Felt Pack Fall/Winter - KDKB1284